The most trusted bitcoin cloud mining platform – Shamining

The most trusted bitcoin cloud mining platform – Shamining


You are here because you are looking for the most trusted bitcoin cloud mining, and we have great news for you. Shamining.

Have you heard the name already? Probably.

But why is Shamining.com is the most trusted bitcoin cloud mining platform on the web, and the most profitable one? We got all the answers ready for you. Ready? Let’s go!

Shamining.com is a trusted bitcoin cloud mining platform because of:


To become a trusted bitcoin cloud mining platform, a company must have:

  • Regulation in the field of cloud mining.
  • Full transparency.
  • Experienced team with crypto mining and tech.
  • Great customer reviews.
  • Instant withdrawals.
  • Have your own data centers.

Guess what? Shamining.com has is all.

How can I start mining crypto with Shamining?


Mining crypto with Shamining is a very easy process.
You don’t need any experience with mining, crypto, or investing at all.

The whole idea of cloud mining is that you rent a part of Shaminings crypto mining machine for yourself, and gain a percentage of the profits based on the percent of the machine you rent. Does it make sense yet?

If you rent 1% of their mining cloud and Shamining profits 100,000,000$ from mining bitcoin this month, you get your 1% Share.
A whole 1,000,000$. Looks good, doesn’t it?

It is absolutely amazing that these cloud mining technologies exist because you don’t have to buy any equipment or have any knowledge about Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency out there.

What you do is buy a part of the “machine” and start profiting on the spot.

How to start profiting from mining crypto right now?


To profit from crypto mining based on Shamining.com cloud mining technologies, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Shamining.com.
  • Register an account.
  • Add a miner.
  • Start profiting.

How much money can I make, cloud mining with Shamining?


You have 4 different plans that you can choose with Shamining. The plans are called “Contracts”, because you are buying a contract for a period of time (1 month, 1 year, 10 years… etc).

The plans Shamining provides are:

    • CPU Cloud mining.
    • GPU Cloud mining.
    • ASIC Cloud mining.
    • Individual Cloud mining plan.


Can’t find the contract you are looking for? Have no idea what to look for? You have a profit calculator on the website.

That will make it much easier for you to calculate your future income.

With the profit calculator, you can calculate the specific power you can purchase.
For example, if you invest 1000$ you can expect to get 94340 GH/S.
Your Daily income will be 5.94$. Monthly income 178$, and 2137$ yearly.

Trusted bitcoin cloud mining and how can you make more than 100% profit by cloud mining?

Shamining is known to be a nature lover because they only use green energy for mining crypto.

Why is it important for you as an investor?

Any green power source is a luxury these days. Solar panels and Wind turbines is what Shamining uses. This is an investment that usually no one chooses to make.

But in this case, Shamining already invested millions of dollars into the equipment, therefore you can be sure that they will be wasting close to ZERO dollars for electricity, which is the most expensive resource in mining.

That is exactly the reason why you are getting low prices for renting a miner profiting more than with any other cloud mining company.

Besides, Shamining has not one, but 3 environmentally friendly mining farms that are located in the USA, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Every cloud mining provider or service would dream of having a green energy power source, but unfortunately not every company has millions of dollars to invest in such luxury.

That is exactly the reason every experienced miner will always choose Shamining over any other mining company in the field.


Our investment section supports Shamining.com – 10/10

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