Sierra Financials Review .How great is the broker on a scale of 1 – 100?


Sierra Financials Review. How great is the broker on a scale of 1 – 100?

In this Sierra Financials Review, we will judge the broker on a scale from 1 – 100 by the following factors: 

  • How old is Sierra Financials? 
  • Safety of funds. 
  • Trading platform. 
  • Trading tools. 
  • Commissions and fees. 
  • Education. 
  • Trading accounts. 
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds. 
  • Support. 
  • Traders reviews. 

Each one of the categories will get graded from 1 to 10. 

In the end, we will judge overall and give it a score from 10 – 100.

In our conclusion, we will judge overall. 

We’ll see the score and find out if any fraud or scam is involved.

We want to help you decide whether you should trade with Sierra Financials and is it an honest broker or a scam. 

Sierra Financials Review. How old is Sierra Financials? 

Let’s start our Sierra Financials review with general information about this broker.

Sierra Financials is a relatively new broker providing cryptocurrency and CFDs trading solutions for all levels of traders. The broker is young to compare with some other top brokers out there. However, you will find that many people trust them. 

How old is Sierra Financials gets a score of – 8/10 

Sierra Financials review: Safety of funds 

The broker follows strict KYC rules.

Also, this broker offers traders the opportunity to buy or sell Bitcoins with fiat currency, using bank transfers or credit card payments.   

Sierra Financials has an SSL certificate that gives its users end-to-end encryption. Therefore you can be sure that no one will steal your password or personal information. 

Safety of funds gets a score of – 8/10 

Sierra Financials review: Trading platforms.

Laptop on desk in workspace PSD mockup


Reviewing, we should talk about trading platforms the broker offers. Traders who choose to work with SierraFinancials can use three trading platforms:  

  • desktop platform;  
  • web platform;  
  • mobile platform.  

Let’s talk about every one of them.  

Desktop platform.  

Sierra Financials offers MT4 and MT5. These are two top trading platforms with all the indicators, trading tools, and software you need.  

It is the ideal choice for any trader.  

These trading platforms have a simple design and excellent user interface. They offer copy trading, expert advisors, a possibility for backtesting. Also, you can see the depth of the market. 

Web platform.  

The web platform allows you to trade from any browser and operating system with no additional software.   

The MetaTrader 4 web version has all the advantages of the desktop platform. 

You can also use this web platform on your smartphone.  

Mobile platform.  

There are times when you are far from your computer. Then the mobile trading platform is an excellent choice. With access to mobile trading, you are never far from the market. 

You can install the mobile platform on your smartphone, whether Android or Apple devices.  

The trading platform gets a score of – 10/10 

Trading tools 

Sierra Financials has created a set of trading tools that will allow you to maximize your profit. This scam-free platform provides you with a wide selection of tools.  

Sierra Financials offers AutoTrading and Trading signals.  

You can see the signals and decide to follow them or not.

Sierra Financials review: AutoTrading 

With AutoTrading, everything goes automatically. There is no need to worry about anything. 

It works even if you are not online. Once programmed, it continuously monitors market movements without requiring any from your side. 

Receive signals, choose an asset you wish to trade, and enter the amount of that currency or crypto-currency you want to buy/sell. 

Trading Signals


Trading Signals is the best way to receive suggestions about when to buy or sell. It is free for everyone who signs up on the Sierra Financials platform. 

Signals are delivered every day except weekends and updated automatically.

Sierra Financials has great professional trading tools; therefore, it gets 10 points. 

Trading tools get a score of – 10/10 

Commissions and fees – Sierra Financials Review 

If you choose a broker with high commissions and fees, it will be hard to make money. 

The commissions in Sierra Financials depend on the type of account you can choose. Seems logical and fair. 

Commissions and fees get a score of – 10/10 


Sierra Financials offers its traders: 

  • Interactive trading courses with explanations of different trading strategies and how to use them. 
  • Online trading ebooks. 
  • Trading video tutorials about Social trading, Metatrader tutorials, trading tools, CFDs, and stocks. 

Education gets a score of – 10/10 

Trading accounts 

Sierra Financials offers five trading accounts to choose from: 

  • Beginner, starting from € 500 to € 10,000 
  • Standart, starting from € 10,000 to € 50,000 
  • Advanced, starting from € 50,000 to € 200,000 
  • Premium, starting from € 200,000 to € 500,000  
  • Executive, starting from € 500,000 

Visit the Account Types area for further information if you are interested in specifics.  

Trading accounts gets a score of – 9/10 

Deposit and withdrawal of funds.


Sierra Financials deposit and withdrawal methods: 

  • Bank Transfer. 
  • Crypto (you can see the whole list of cryptocurrencies on 

Not many brokers provide easy and fast crypto deposits and withdrawals. Therefore Sierra Financials gets the maximum score here. 

Deposit and withdrawal of funds gets a score of – 10/10 


Support is a huge factor when you choose a broker.  

Every broker provides a different level of support for their traders.  

Let’s see what Sierra Financials offers to its traders.  

First of all, you can reach out to Sierra Financials using their contact us page.  

You can also email them to: [email protected].  

The broker offers an Analyst Educational Program to help traders grow their trading skills. It often turns out to be very helpful and gives traders much more opportunities to make a profit.  

Sierra Financials gives access to a live signal provider. Traders who already have the experience of following those signals confirm they were profitable.  

The support section gets a score of – 10/10 

Traders reviews 

We have looked into trader reviews and found those on social media: 

John, 33 years old 

“I made more money in my first month of trading than I usually make at work! It’s so cool! Thank you, Sierra Financials.” 

Gabriella, 46 years old                                       

“Guys! I love these signals! 

I didn’t know much about trading, but now I feel like a professional investor.” 

Marcus, 29 years old                                  

“I always thought all those brokers are just scammers, and there is no chance to make money on the stock market. 

How stupid I was. If I only knew it years ago! That’s a pity we can’t go back in time and change things.” 

sierrafinancial trader reviews

Trader reviews get a score of – 10/10 

Sierra Financials Review final score: 95/100 

Let us look at the scores of our sections: 

  • How old is Sierra Financials – 8
  • Safety of funds – 8
  • Trading platform – 10
  • Trading tools – 10
  • Commissions and fees – 10
  • Education – 10
  • Trading accounts – 9
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds – 10
  • Support – 10
  • Trader reviews – 10

We’ve looked everywhere and found nothing to suggest scam or any other form of fraud.  

Overall, Sierra Financials appears to be a great broker, and we can recommend it.

Visit Sierra Financials to create an account

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