SavoyIG review. We rate the broker on a scale of 1 – 100


SavoyIG review. We rate the broker on a scale of 1 – 100

In this SavoyIG review, we will judge the broker on a scale from 1 – to 100 by the following factors: 

  • The age of Savoy Investment Group
  • Safety of funds
  • Savoy IG trading platforms 
  • Trading tools 
  • Commissions and fees
  • Educational materials 
  • Savoy IG Trading accounts 
  • Funding and withdrawal 
  • Savoy Investment Group support 
  • What clients of SavoyIG say about the broker

Each one of the categories will get graded from 1 to 10. 

In the end, we will make a conclusion. We will give it a score of 10 – 100. 

We will see the Savoy Investment Group score and conclude if this broker is reliable. And then, we will know if using its services is a wise step to make money on the stock market or if it’s a scam, and it will be better to avoid such a company. 

SavoyIG review. How old is the broker? 

We will start our SavoyIG review with general information about this company. 

Savoy Investment Group is a global broker providing cryptocurrency and CFD trading. The broker is far from new. Savoy IG has provided its services for traders since 2000 and earned a reputation as a reliable company. Many people from many countries make money with SavoyIG.

The age of SavoyIG gets a score of – 10/10.

Savoy Investment Group. Safety of funds 


If your broker is Savoy IG, you can be sure your money is safe. Savoy Investment Group follows strict KYC rules. Also, the broker provides its clients with many funding and withdrawal options: cryptocurrency, online payment systems, bank transfers, and credit or debit card payments.   

The Savoy IG website has an SSL certificate that gives the users end-to-end encryption. Therefore, you can be sure no criminal will steal your password or personal information. 

Safety of funds gets a score of – 10/10.  

Savoy IG. Trading platforms 

Savoy Investment Group provides its clients with excellent trading platforms. Traders who choose to work with SavoyIG can use two trading platforms:  

  • Web Trader 
  • Mobile Trader 

Both platforms have everything traders need to make a profit. 

The trading platforms get a score of – 9/10. 


SavoyIG review. Trading tools 

Savoy Investment Group provides its clients with trading tools that allow traders to maximize their profits. Both Web and Mobile platforms offer a wide selection of tools.  

If you are a client of Savoy IG, you can use Autotrading, Copy trading, PAMM accounts, and trading signals. Not many brokers provide so many services that help traders make money.

SavoyIG. Autotrading, Copy trading, PAMM accounts.

People love Autotrading, Copy trading, and PAMM accounts because everything goes automatically. There is no need to worry about anything. It works even if you are not online. Once programmed, it continuously monitors market movements without requiring any from your side. 

Just choose an asset you wish to trade and enter the amount of that currency or crypto-currency you want to buy or sell. Isn’t it great to be able to make money without an effort?

Savoy Investment Group. Trading Signals

Trading Signals is a service that most people love. It’s the best way to receive suggestions about when to buy or sell. It’s free for every Savoy IG client. Signals are delivered every day except weekends and are updated automatically.

Savoy Investment Group has excellent professional trading tools. Therefore, it gets 9 points. 

Trading tools get a score of – 9/10.

Savoy IG. Commissions and fees

Why is it crucial to find a broker that charges low commissions and fees and doesn’t hide anything? Because if you choose a broker with high commissions, it will be hard to make money. Even experienced traders will hardly make a profit.

The Savoy Investment Group commissions and fees are relatively low compared with other brokers. It’s one of the reasons why many SavoyIG clients are profitable and make a living by trading.

Commissions and fees get a score of – 9/10.

SavoyIG review. Educational materials


Savoy Investment Group offers many helpful educational materials for its clients. Such as: 

  • Online trading e-books. 
  • Video tutorials about social trading, trading tools, CFDs, stocks, cryptocurrency, etc. 
  • Interactive trading courses where people can learn different trading strategies. 

Educational materials get a score of – 9/10. 

Trading accounts 

Savoy Investment Group offers five trading accounts:  

1) Bronze

2) Silver

3) Gold 

4) Platinum

5) Premium

If you are interested in details, you can visit the SavoyIG website. You will find all the information there. And if you have any questions afterward, you can call the broker or write an e-mail.

Trading accounts get a score of – 10/10.

Funding and withdrawal 


SavoyIG provides many options to fund trading accounts and withdraw funds: 

  • Credit/Debit cards. 
  • Bank transfer. 
  • Cryptocurrency  
  • Online payment systems

Savoy IG gets the maximum score here because its clients get a wide choice of options. 

Funding and withdrawal get a score of – 10/10.  

SavoyIG. Support

You can ask any Savoy Investment Group about the support team, and they all will say it’s the best you can wish for. You can get help through the SavoyIG website, write an e-mail, or call the broker.  

Savoy IG hires only highly professional people with lots of experience in the field.

The support section gets a score of – 10/10.

Traders about Savoy IG

We have searched the Internet for the SavoyIG reviews and found many positive ones. People like this company and recommend it to others. It shows this broker is not a scam.

Trader reviews get a score of – 9/10.

SavoyIG review final score: 95/100 


Let’s look at the scores of our sections: 

  • How old is Savoy IG – 10
  • Safety of funds – 10
  • Trading platform – 9
  • Trading tools – 9
  • Commissions and fees – 9
  • Educational materials – 9
  • Trading accounts – 9
  • Funding and withdrawal – 10
  • Support – 10
  • Trader about SavoyIG – 10

We can conclude now that Savoy Investment Group is a good choice for trading cryptocurrency and CFDs. 

Visit the SavoyIG site to create a trading account:


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