Smartademy review. How great is this academy on a scale of 1 – 100? 


Smartademy review. How great is this academy on a scale of 1 – 100? 

In this Smartademy review, we will judge the academy on a scale from 1 – to 100 by the following factors: 

  • Creators of the courses 
  • Is it easy or difficult to learn the stock market?
  • The community of traders 
  • Is it possible to study only when you have time?
  • Practicing 
  • Updates of educational materials
  • Transparent prices 
  • Is it adaptable to different styles?
  • Achievements of its students
  • The academy offers courses in a fun and engaging style

Each one of the categories will get graded from 1 to 10. 

In the end, we will make a conclusion, giving it a score of 10 – 100. 

We’ll see the academy score and know if any fraud or scam is involved. So, you can decide whether Smartademy is a good enough place to learn how to make money by trading on the stock market or would be better to avoid this place.

Smartademy review. Who created the courses Smartademy offers? 

Smartademy review. Did you know that most cources on the Internet are made by people without any practice? They just know a theory and sometimes they are not even good at it It’s a shame, because if you wanted to learn from such a person you could learn nothing. You would just waste your time on him and money.

That is why it’s so cool that the creators of all Smartademy courses are professional traders with extensive experience. Students learn from those who trade for a living. These traders share their best tips and strategies. They can easily find good opportunities to make money in the markets. Their invaluable knowledge helps students gain an edge in trading. It’s really great to have such cool mentors. Anyone could only dream of learning from them.

Who created the courses gets a score of – 10/10.

Smartademy. Is it easy or difficult to learn the stock market?


Smartademy review. The stock market can seem like a scary place of awful terms and complicated strategies. Smartademy takes all this complexity and breaks it into easy-to-understand parts anyone can understand. Using understandable language and examples with step-by-step guidance, this academy makes even the most difficult financial ideas feel simple.

The process of learning the stock market gets a score of – 9/10. 

The community of Smartademy 

Smartademy has built an amazing community. Members can join chat groups, attend online meetups, and engage in community forums to share insights, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences. It accelerates the learning process and success. Traders connect with other traders to swap trading ideas. 

The community of traders gets a score of – 10/10.

Is it possible to study at Smartademy only when you have time?

At Smartademy, you can learn at your own pace whenever and wherever is most convenient. Video lessons, interactive modules, and a vast library of resources are always available. 

Students don’t have to go somewhere to study. They can log in and learn whenever they have time: in the morning, during lunch, or even at night. If you like learning at night, why not? Study at night if it’s good for you. Don’t listen to others and learn the way you feel comfortable. This flexibility means you will never miss anything.

Study only when you have time gets a score of – 10/10. 

Practicing at Smartademy


Students of this academy love how training extends far beyond lectures and taking notes. They partisipate through trading simulations.  Students place simulated trades and orders as if they were managing a real portfolio. This approach based on experience fully prepares students for success when it’s time to start real money trading.

Practicing gets a score of – 10/10.

Smartademy review. Updates of educational materials

Smartademy keeps its content up-to-date. New lessons, videos, and strategies are continuously added to cover the latest market developments, rules, and investing techniques. It ensures that its students always have access to the latest updates. 

Updates of educational materials get a score of – 10/10. 

Transparent prices at Smartademy

The academy offers excellent education materials at a fair and transparent price with nothing hidden. A single subscription gives students unlimited lifetime access to video lessons, tools, live seminars, and community chats. It provides incredible value compared to expensive seminars and courses other projects offer.

Transparent prices get a score of – 9/10.

Smartademy review. Is it adaptable to different styles?


Smartademy helps students find their ideal market approach. Every person is unique and requires a personalized plan. By learning and practicing different strategies, you can figure out the perfect way to make money on the stock market. Remember, what suits another trader could be not good for you. Even if he made money with some strategy, you could lose your money. Because people are different and have different comfort and risk zones.

Adaptable to different styles gets a score of – 9/10.

Achievements of the Smartademy students

Most people lose money in the stock market. It’s not easy to beat it. But some traders make a living by trading. We have talked with many students of this academy. We found out that most of them became profitable traders. Really outstanding results!  Not every educational project can brag about such results. It makes Smartademy one of the best in the field.

Achievements of students get a score of – 10/10.

Smartademy review. It offers courses in a fun and engaging style

Finance is boring for most people. But not at Smartademy. Its courses are taught in a fun and engaging way. Mentors use examples, visuals, and stories to keep students interested and entertained while learning. Even hard topics feel easy, thanks to great teaching style.

Smartademy has expert teachers, an awesome community, convenience, proven results, and an enjoyable learning experience. That’s why so many people love this academy. Their approach makes finance fun and easy to understand.

The process of learning the stock market gets a score of – 10/10.

Smartademy review final score: 97/100 


Let’s look at the scores of our sections: 

  • Who created the courses? – 10
  • Is it easy or difficult to learn the stock market? – 9
  • The community of traders – 10
  • Is it possible to study only when you have time? – 10
  • Practicing – 10
  • Updates of educational materials – 10
  • Transparent prices – 9
  • Is it adaptable to different styles? – 9
  • Achievements of its students – 10
  • Smartademy offers courses in a fun and engaging style – 10

We found nothing to suggest a scam or any other form of fraud. Overall, Smartademy seems to be a great place to learn how to make money by trading on the stock market, and we can recommend it.

Visit the website of this academy to find more information: 

Good luck in trading!

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