Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill


Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill

Bitcoin Is the most popular and expensive currency in the world. Even if you take Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price of Bitcoin today is about 12,000 dollars. It is a decentralized currency, and that is why it has such a big price increase. “On January 5, the Ministry of Finance announced the news that the draft law on regulation of cryptocurrency is ready. This project provides for the determination of the status of digital technologies adopted in the financial market. There are also official names of operations and certain concepts. Recall that central banks intend to privatize cryptocurrency for a long time, and take it under control. But it is from a legal point of view very practically impossible.

Interesting fact

By the way, since the beginning of the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, many people were skeptical about this cryptocurrency, and also spent Bitcoins on toys and on Food. But in the end, everything changed. People began to be interested in this electronic currency with full. Today cryptocurrency costs thousands of times more than since its inception. To get one Bitcoin, it will take about 4 weeks. In four weeks, electricity reaches very high energy costs. Scientists estimate that during the period of Bitcoin mining, 60 houses could be equipped with electricity around the clock. And this is another reason to take control of the cryptocurrency.

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What exactly will be regulated by the bill

Of course, the Ministry of Finance declares that a cryptocurrency can become “property in electronic form”. For example, it was also noted that a ban on transactions will only create conditions for illegal production and mining of cryptocurrency. Of course, it was previously reported about creating your own cryptocurrency, several countries stated this decision. Since such a position is not in vain to unite efforts. By 2020, Bitcoin will have reached $ 18,000, and then, as stated by the higher authorities, it is necessary to take control immediately.

When will the law take effect? Expert opinion

By the way, as experts say, taking control of cryptocurrency will not happen soon. And the percentage of control is almost equal to 0. It is an independent currency, and it is protected by copyright. If this happens, inevitably a violation of rights cannot be avoided. Therefore, do not worry about these statements. It is much more profitable to use such a chance, and start earning on cryptocurrency. Learn more about earning with the help of electronic currency, leave your application on our website.

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