How and where to buy Ethereum?

купить Ethereum

How and where to buy Ethereum?

The popularity of cryptocurrency came in 2010, and from that moment it did not stop. Today, the most popular currency is Bitcoin. But time does not stand still, and the ether comes to replace the electronic currency giant. The peculiarity of Ethereum is that with its help you can not only pay people but also exchange different resources. It is because of the peculiarities of transactions that Ether will so quickly pick up its cash flow. Ethereum showed its growth in 2016, it increased several times over one day. It is recognized as a global currency, has an accessible platform, so its price increases from the number of investors interested in it. Another huge advantage is the fact that it does not have limitations like Bitcoin.

An interesting fact about Ethereum

How and where to buy Ethereum

Ethereum was coined in 2013 by a Russian programmer – Vitaly Buterinov. He is one of those who created Bitcoin Magazin. Vitaly got the money to develop such a cryptocurrency with the help of crowdfunding. Already in 2015, the first launch of the platform took place, where on the very first day of trading the price did not exceed 50 cents per coin. Today in 2018 the price of Ethereum is 1215,000 dollars. The most popular platform of this currency is Augur, as a result, it was collected about 5 million dollars.

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Buy Ethereum

There are several ways to purchase this electronic currency. You can buy cryptocurrency by monitoring BestChange, although it is simple, it is not considered the most profitable. Traders choose the easiest way, this is buying cryptocurrency from a stockbroker. With this, you can not only purchase but also earn on it. But, before you buy an e-currency, it must be stored. There are various electronic wallets designed for the cryptocurrency. Like for example, the Bitcoin wallet and Ethereum wallet, it all depends on your currency. Usually buying Ethereum is not accompanied by a long time interval, depending on your cash equivalent, you can buy both apart and the whole Ether.

What are the benefits of buying Ethereum? Expert opinion

Financial analysts and experts of the exchange market consider buying Ethereum as the most profitable investment. Since the electronic currency is aggressively beginning to crowd out ordinary money, and a huge plus that it is completely decentralized. Thus, it cannot be influenced by economic and political events. The price will only rise, it is expected that by 2020 the Ether will reach $ 745,000. If you are interested in purchasing this currency but do not know who to contact, our experts will help you completely free of charge.

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