Promising types of cryptocurrency

виды Криптовалют

Promising types of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency today is the most profitable investment to invest. There is a high increase in the increase in the price of the electronic currency. To date, the number of cryptocurrencies has increased from 11 species to 700. And every day new ones appear. Many traders are wondering in which kind of types of cryptocurrency do you need to invest money? Since the price increase is absolutely proven, but knowing which electronic currency will rise in price, investors cannot. Therefore, our experts have selected a list of cryptocurrency for you, which is in demand in the financial market due to a sharp increase in the cost of it.

About Bitcoin. Types of cryptocurrency

So, the most popular currency is and remains Bitcoin. From the beginning of 2009 to the present day, its price has changed several hundred times. The cost of Bitcoin in 2017 is $ 14,274,990, and we will see a price increase for at least two years for sure. The next most popular is Ethereum (Ether).
Aether appeared in 2015, and quickly became in demand among traders, as its price category began to increase at a tremendous rate. There is some problem with all cryptocurrencies, as they are partially dependent on Bitcoin. The broadcast is completely independent, and it can be exchanged for dollars on the stock exchange. That is why it is chosen by many investors.

About e-Currencies

The following e-currencies are Litecoin and Dash. They have one thing in common, they are rapidly rising in price. With regards to the appearance, Litecoin appeared in 2017, and Dash much earlier, but their price is not particularly different. Dash has a higher level of protection, and its constant updates greatly simplify use. And completes our top five cryptocurrencies, into which you should invert this Monero. This currency has a high level of security, much greater than the others. Not a few important facts, it is completely anonymous. With its design, confidentiality was in the first place.

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Some more interesting information types of cryptocurrency

Here we will complement the list of electronic currencies, another one. Whose level of capitalization is directly in the top 10 in the financial market. This is Zcash, it is only in development, but many have already invested in it. As they used advanced technologies that include an indiscriminate update and transaction privacy. Its only minus is that it cannot be traded on forex until it has been completely finalized. It is these cryptocurrencies that can ensure you a happy future, investors.

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