TopTrade scam review – 2021

toptrade scam review

TopTrade scam review

In this TopTrade scam review we will talk about everything that you should look up in a broker.

TopTrade scam review – 10 Reason why TopTrade is not a scam

In our TopTrade scam review, we decided to make it super easy on you and analyze the most crucial 10 factors of a broker.

Here is what we will be looking at:

  1. Registration and licenses
  2. Where is the broker located
  3. TopTrade broker reviews
  4. Trading platform
  5. Withdrawal of funds
  6. Commissions and fees
  7. Small letters
  8. Account types
  9. Documents and KYC
  10. Summary

TopTrade scam review – Registration and licenses

We have checked through TopTrades documents. We can see that the website is owned and operated by Widdershins Group LTD, company registration number: 2020/IBC00080 and registered address 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica.

registration and license

Is this a good sign? Yes it’s a great sign.

Widdershins Group LTD, is a giant in the financial world, and it’s a big advantage for TopTrade.


TopTrade scam review – Where is the broker located

TopTrade has many offices around the world, in Luxemburg, Russia, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and Dominican Respublic.


We graded the section with an 10, because there are many traders from countries that are not specified in the list. It will be really hard for them to come to the brokers office if needed.
But because trading, does not involve you needing to actually meet your broker, TopTrade gets a 10 out of 10.

Most of the brokers doesn’t even bother opening a second office, but as you see TopTrade have much more offices than just one.


TopTrade scam review – TopTrade broker reviews

We actually dug through the whole web to find as many reviews as possible. Therefore we can judge the broker from his client’s perspective.

TopTrade scam review antony

TopTrade scam review martin

TopTrade scam jay

TopTrade scam katherina

TopTrade scam review nayara

TopTrade scam review r smith

TopTrade scam review sara

TopTrade scam review victoria

TopTrade scam review andres

TopTrade scam review susanna

We want to talk just about those 2 bad reviews you saw here.

One of them is a person that has no idea. And doesn’t know that when you withdraw money, it doesn’t arrive in 1 second.

And the second one is actually an advertisement from FINMAX… Instead of taking a point from TopTrade, we would actually like to take that point from Finamx.

10/10 because the reviews look great, and those that are bad, are either fake, or people that would give 1 star to any taxi driver or any restaurant just because.


TopTrade scam review – Trading platform

There are 2 trading platforms that TopTrade provides:

  • TopTrade custom platform that they developed
  • Metatrader 4 and 5

trading platform top trade


TopTrade custom platform

Their custom platform is a web platform that you can use without the need to download anything.

It’s a pretty simple platform that you can simply open trades on.

Alltough you still have the option to open trades using, take profit and stop loss.

There are variety of indicators that you can also select.

Basically you can do most of the basic trading with their custom platform.

MetaTrader 4 and 5

They actually went pretty wild with those.

You have to option to use:

  • The classic Metatrader that you download for your PC
  • Mobile Metatrader for iOS and Android
  • Web Metatrader

metatrader 5

Usually brokers do not give you so many options, because they must pay for all of those.

Metatrader is an expensive luxury to have, but TopTrade gave you all the options to choose from.

We call it a long term investment in the future of their company and their traders.

TopTrade scam review – Withdrawal of funds

The withdraw process is very quick. Some types of account in TopTrade even have instant withdrawal.

But there are few things you should keep your eyes on, to be able to withdraw your funds.

  • Send your KYC ( Verification )
  • If you took any bonuses, make sure your turnover is complete or your not withdrawing your bonus funds.
  • You are not withdrawing funds to a blocked bank account.
  • You provided the correct crypto address.

If you took care of everything, then you should receive your funds in no time.

withdrawal of funds toptrade

TopTrade scam review – Commissions and fees

Usually there are few types of commissions that you pay when you are trading with a broker? There are a few:

  • Spreads
  • Deposit commission
  • Withdrawal commission
  • Swap fees


Spreads with Top Trade differ from 1.8 Pips to 0.4 Pips

Deposit commission

You don’t pay any commission when you deposit your funds. Doesn’t matter what account type you have.

Withdrawal commission

Some types of account have commission free withdrawals, and some are limited to 1 commission free withdrawal per month.

We suggest consulting your personal broker before withdrawing funds, just to be sure.

Swap fees

Swap fees, are actually a fee that you pay for holding for a stock overnight.

Those are often called, overnight fees.

We suggest consulting your personal broker to get a overnight fees table. Because the fee depends on the size of trade and the stock you are trading.

TopTrade scam review – Small letters

In the small latter’s section we want to talk about few things.

  • Clients responsibilities
  • Brokers responsibilities
  • Bonuses
  • Money laundering
  • 3rd party software

small latters

Clients responsibilities

You as a client are responsible for everything that happens on your account. If you open a trade, and forget to set up a STOP LOSS. There is no one to blame, but yourself.
Make sure you are always re checking every trade that you open. Because its your sole responsibility, and your own funds that are at risk.

Brokers responsibilities

You brokers job is to get you up to date fees, prices, charts and a swift trading experience. Because Toptrade is subsidiary of Widdershins Group LTD. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your trading will be as swift as possible.


Different bonuses have different conditions. In some cases you will need to have a X amount of turn over before you can withdraw them. Some of them are just free.

Make sure to check with your broker the terms of the bonuses you are getting.

Money laundering

If you are involved with money laundering, you can expect your account to be blocked. In some cases the broker may choose to involve the authorities for further investigations.

3rd party software

Toptrade is not responsible for any 3rd party software that you install. And 3rd party signals, robots, autostradas and such are solely your responsibility if you choose to use one.


TopTrade scam review – Account types

Toptrade has 5 major account types that you can choose from:

  • Bronze – starting from 250$
  • Silver – starting from 250$
  • Gold – starting from 250$
  • Platinum – starting from 250$
  • Diamond – starting from 250$

Toptrade account types all

The main difference in the accounts is the spreads. Starting from 1.8 Pips and falling to as low as 0.4 Pips.

Maximum order in Lots, starting from 20 up to 30 lots.

Bonuses starting from 0% to 20%.

TopTrade scam review – Documents and KYC

After opening your trading account you must verify you account by sending the KYC to your broker.

You should send the following.

  • Your ID
  • Credit / Debit card
  • Utility bill


Your ID

You can provide an identity document issued by a state authority. Such a document is a passport, driver’s license, or temporary residence permit.

  • Passport.
  • Driver’s license.

*Please note that a driver’s license can be taken as proof of identity only if it is a plastic card, and all information in it contains only Latin transliteration.

Credit / Debit card

A copy of the credit or debit card that was used to deposit money. Copies of the card are made from the front and back. The first 12 digits and the CVV code on the back of the card must be closed, and the signature strip, on which the client’s signature stands, the cardholder’s name, and the last 4 digits of the card must be visible.

Utility bill

A document confirming the address of your the actual location or the address for receiving payments, such as bank statements or utility bills issued in the country of permanent residence, the issuance of which does not exceed 3 months from the date of deposit.

toptrade summary

TopTrade scam review – Summary


Toptrade looks great from the first sign but looks even better when you take a closer look.

  • A serious organization, that provides amazing trading solutions to its traders.
  • Helps their traders to get better results, no matter what account type they have.
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Great trader reviews.

Should you trade with Toptrade? Yes

Is Toptrade a fraud? Is Toptrade a scam? Absolutely NOT!

Start trading with top trade by using this link –


*We are not affiliated with Toptrade

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  1. I was always thinking that is fake and it is only metode to scam people , now I am working with top trade groups for few months and everything is going well and I am enjoying my profits monthly

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