Askforbit Broker Review – How great is Askforbit on a scale of 1 – 100?


Askforbit Broker Review – How great is Askforbit on a scale of 1 – 100?

In this Askforbit Broker Review, we will judge the broker on a scale from 1 – 100 by the following factors:


  • How old is the Askforbit?
  • Safety of funds.
  • Trading platform.
  • Trading tools.
  • Commissions and fees.
  • Education.
  • Trading accounts.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  • Trader reviews.
  • Extras and bonuses.

Each one of the categories will get graded from 1 to 10. 

In our conclusion, we will judge the broker overall.

In the end, we want to know the broker’s score and if there is any fraud or scam involved.

We want to help you decide whether you should trade with Askforbit and it is an honest broker or a scam.


Askforbit Broker Review – How old is the Askforbit? 


And let’s start our Askforbit Broker Review with general information about how long the broker has been working.

AskForBit was established in 2014 to provide cryptocurrency trading solutions for all levels of traders. It has been around and active since January 2015, which means it’s still relatively young compared to some other top brokers out there. However, they have a great deal of experience in crypto markets (since this is their focus) and forex, too, so you will find that many people trust them due to their longevity and because of these reasons mentioned above!


How old is the Askforbit gets a score of – 8/10

Safety of funds


– Ask for bitcoin is one of the world’s most popular Bitcoin exchanges. Its primary trading platform has more than 250,000 active users from all over the globe and processes up to $760 million in transactions every day. 

As a regulated company that follows strict KYC rules, it offers traders an opportunity to buy or sell Bitcoins with fiat currency using bank transfer or credit card payments. The exchange also supports a cross-platform margin trade facility at no additional costs, which allows you to open long or short positions on various coins but without actually owning them as collateral will be required.

-The broker AskForBit is a licensed broker that can legally act as a securities dealer in accordance with the law.

-AskForBit has an SSL certificate that gives its users end-to-end encryption. Therefore you can be sure that no one will steal your password or your personal information.

 -AskForBit is one of Europe’s most reputable bitcoin exchanges, and it allows customers to purchase bitcoins.


Safety of funds gets a score of – 9/10

Trading platform


Askforbit has one web platform that you can use for trading.

  • CFD and CRYPTO webtrader.

Askforbit has one web platform that you can use for trading. AskforBit has a great platform that is very user-friendly and easy to use.

 Ask for bit provides you with fast execution speeds, provides you with short order execution abilities, which is essential for traders that like to trade quickly and efficiently. 


The trading platform gets a score of – 9/10

Trading tools


In order to help you make the best trades, AskForBit has created a set of trading tools that will allow you to maximize your profit.  This scam-free platform provides you with a wide selection of tools to choose from. You can easily know the best trade times, get signals and make a decision on the timing of your trades.

Askforbit offers those trading luxuries for you to use:

  • AutoTrading.
  • Trading signals.


AutoTrading – Askforbit Broker Review 

– The AutoTrade Bot will do everything automatically so that you don’t have to worry about anything! It works even if you are not online because once programmed it continuously monitors market movements without requiring any from your side! Receive signals and simply choose an asset you wish to trade, enter the amount of that currency or crypto-currency you want to buy/sell.


Trading Signals


– Trade Signals are the best way to receive suggestions from AskForBit on when to buy or sell. You can take part in these signals and make a trade at your own convenience, just as if you had made it manually!

– These trading signals are sent directly to our Telegram Messenger service so that they will never miss them again! It is FREE for everyone who signs up on AskForBit platform.


Signals are delivered daily between 13:00 – 14:00 GMT+0 (UTC +0) every day except weekends where we have no signal activity planned. Signals are updated via this website with an automatic update process which starts at 18h UTC each day.

*This can change, depending on the account and the signals you receive.

Askforbit has great professional trading tools; therefore, it gets 9 points.

Trading platform gets a score of – 9/10

Commissions and fees – Askforbit Broker Review 

Spreads and Trading commissions: 

Askforbit broker review

Let’s start with spreads and trading commissions.

If you decide to invest in Crypto or CFDs, then the spread is what determines your success or failure. The point of working with a broker that offers low spreads is to increase your chance of profiting from trades. Low spreads are important because they allow you to have enough money on hand for both profitable and unprofitable positions. 

Trading costs affect every trader who uses financial markets; however, not many people realize this fact. High trading fees may reduce potential earnings by more than half! As such, it pays off big time if you sign up at an online platform which has low-cost deals on all transactions (investments). AskForBit provides one example of how high quality services

Deposit fees & Withdrawal fees: 

Let’s now talk about deposit and withdrawal fees.

This is a very important topic to discuss when you are looking for an online forex broker because this will determine how quickly your investment reaches its destination. Most brokers in the industry charge exorbitant transfer fee rates, but AskForBit provides one example of how high-quality services offer low-cost deals on all transactions (deposits & withdrawals). In other words: if you want to make some money with cryptocurrency trading then choose a trustworthy platform that has good customer service! We at Ask For Bit believe we have both covered 🙂


Commissions and fees get a score of – 10/10



The Askforbit education system is more than adequate.

All of the account types offered by the broker include at least one analyst session and a substantial number of study materials to help you learn on your own.

However, there’s something else that’s even better: Askforbit educational seminars are held at least once a year.   These seminars are one of the best educational resources that a trader could ask for. At these Askforbit events, you can learn about new trading strategies and hear from some of the top traders in the business. These guys know their stuff; they’ve been around long enough to have seen it all – which is why Askforbit has made such an investment in their seminars.

That’s not to say that you can’t learn a lot from studying on your own, though – it just means that Askforbit wants its traders to have every opportunity possible for success. After all, the more knowledge you have at your disposal when beginning and performing trades, the better chance you’ll be able to make some solid returns.

Education is key to success in trading, and Askforbit knows this well. There’s nothing more important than sharing knowledge so that traders can be successful on their own – which is why seminars are hosted at least once a year for anyone who wants to learn from the best of the best. Keep your eyes open for the next Askforbit event – you can bet it’ll be a great time!

While there are many educational resources offered by AskForBit, some traders may prefer attending seminars.  These events will allow for more in-depth information from professionals with years of experience and give participants an opportunity to network with other successful members of this trading community.

The AskForBit seminars are highly regarded and often sell out quickly. The next event is scheduled for sometime in the spring of 2022, so keep your eyes peeled if you’d like to attend! It’s a great way to get exposure to new trading techniques while also building connections with members of this successful community. As always, though, the best way to learn is by putting in the work yourself. Education is a key factor for success and AskForBit wants its members to have every opportunity possible; that’s why these educational seminars are so great – they give you access to top professionals, while also giving you more time with your trading account!


Education gets a score of – 10/10

Trading accounts


You have five trading accounts to choose from:

  1. Bronze, starting from $1K to $2K 
  2. Cooper, starting from $2K to $5K 
  3. Silver, starting from $5K to $5K.
  4. Gold, starting from $15K to $40K.
  5. Platinum, starting from $40K to $100K.

The conditions are superb, from beginning to end. Visit the Account Types area for further information if you’re interested in specifics. Overall, we give it a nine because, for smaller accounts, there should be additional advantages.

Askforbit review

Trading accounts gets a score of – 9/10


Deposit and withdrawal of funds


You can deposit and withdraw funds using:

  • PayPal.
  • Cryptocurrency.

PayPal: Both the deposit and Withdrawals are instant.

Cryptocurrency: Both the deposit and Withdrawals are fast but depend on the crypto you use.

The lack of credit card gets AskForBit a minus 2 point score


Deposit and withdrawal of funds gets a score of – 8/10

Trader reviews


We have looked into trader reviews and found those on social media.

A verified review on Facebook says the following:

“I am very happy with ask for bit. I have used Ask For Bit since 2016 and have never had any issues. The support is always there to help me if i need it, deposits & withdrawals are easy and usually within a few hours.”

-Cynthia S., 2017 – Berlin Germany


A verified review on the same social media says the following:

“I’ve been using Ask For Bit for quite a while, and I must say that it is one of my favorite exchanges. The support team has always helped me with any problem or question without delay.”

-Davide L., 2017 -Dresden Germany 


A verified review on the same social media says the following:

“I think ask for bit is a great platform, I have been trading with them since 2016 and it has always gone smoothly. The support team are quick to help if needed.” – Thanh V., 2017-Manchester England


A scam review on the same social media says the following:

“I was scammed by Ask For Bit. I had been trading for a while, and one day my account just vanished into thin air!” – Benjamin A., 2017- Berlin Germany


Positive reviews about AskForBit Broker review:

-“I think ask for bit is

Another review on Facebook says the following: “I have been using Ask For Bit for a while and I am very happy with them. When I needed help they were there, fast response good service.” -Uriel R., 2016- Liverpool England


A verified trader review tells us that “The support is always prompt when responding to my requests. I appreciate the speediness of any and all transactions.”

-Bianca P., 2016 – Köln Germany


Another trader who has posted about their experience of working with ASKFORBIT stated the following in an email interview:

“My account manager was very helpful throughout this process. We also discussed other altcoins that might be interesting for my trading strategy.”

John K., 2020 – Sydney Commonwealth of Australia


Trader reviews get a score of – 10/10

Extras and bonuses 

AskForBit is a new and rapidly growing broker. They offer an amazing referral bonus of 200$ if you invite your friend!

Each friend you invite gives you, and your friend a 200$ bonus on both your accounts.

– If you are interested, visit AskForBit and sign up for your account now!

– You must be new to this site to receive the bonus amount.

– Your friend will get a 200$ on both accounts too if they do the same.

Something we don’t see too often, therefore the great score.


Extras and bonuses get a score of – 10/10

Askforbit Broker Review final score: 91/100

Let us look at the scores of our sections:

  • How old is the Askforbit – 8
  • Safety of funds – 9
  • Trading platform – 9
  • Trading tools – 9
  • Commissions and fees – 10
  • Education – 10
  • Trading accounts – 9
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds – 8
  • Trader reviews – 10
  • Extras and bonuses – 10

We’ve looked everywhere and found nothing to indicate fraud or any sort of scam. We can also take a look at the authorities that regulate brokers. We may rest confident in the knowledge that our transaction will be safe and secure, thanks to their stringent standards for security. In addition, while we’re on the subject of legalities, keep in mind that the broker is licensed, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Overall, Askforbit Broker appears to be a great brokerage platform for you to trade.

Visit Askforbit to create an account

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5 thoughts on “Askforbit Broker Review – How great is Askforbit on a scale of 1 – 100?”

  1. I recommend Askforbit because it is the best broker that I’ve ever tried in my life! 7 years ago, when I was 24, I lost $ 15,000 for 1 month of trading activity. At that time, I thought about giving up everything and returning to my parents with a loaf of bread under his arm. But at the very last moment, without thinking too much, I opened an account with askforbit. It has helped me during all these years! Of course there were times when I had to ask myself why did you open an account with this company? I’ve always made a profit. As a result, my income was always higher than the losses.

  2. Hi I’m Alex. I have been trading with Askforbit since September 2017. At that time, I was working as a lawyer in a large company. I was making good money, I had a lot of free money and I thought about investing. Money should not lie under the pillow, money should also work for you. I learned this rule from my father. My father is a successful trader with 20 years of experience. I also decided to try myself as a trader, but first as a hobby. I didn’t want to go to my father’s broker at all. My father is too conservative, he does not want to change anything, and there are already many other brokerage companies on the market with good offers. And since I am a legally competent person, it was easy for me to find good real brokers, study their companies and make a decision. I decided on Askforbit and it was my best decision in 30 years of my life. During the pandemic, I left my job and devoted myself entirely to trading. There are two ways in this sphere: either you become rich, or you will drop everything halfway and cry a river. I chose the first path! There are always risks of losing some of the money, because not all your trades will be successful. The main thing is not to stop, develop and listen to your analyst. In 2017, I lost $ 870, but now it doesn’t matter. As of today, my monthly income is more than $ 10,000. I didn’t stop halfway. I hope my Askforbit review will be useful for you.

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