Freedom24 review – Is Freedom 24 Legit?

FREEDOM24 review

Freedom24 review – Is Freedom 24 Legit?

In our Freedom24 review, we will reveal why is freedom24 actually legit and is not a scam.

Are you looking for a new broker with the perfect financial platform? Freedom24 may be the broker you are searching for.

There has been an increase of traders who are wondering if Freedom 24 is legit. It’s best to check out what others have said about this broker before making any decisions regarding opening an account.

You can find many positive feedbacks that declare they made it their go-to broker within the industry after testing their services and comparing them to other brokers across the market. This review is here to assure you that yes, Freedom 24 is in fact one of the most trusted brokers in the business.

What makes it so reputable? There are a few things that will surprise you.

freedom24 review

Freedom24 review, why is becoming the most trusted and traded platform in 2021

In our Freedom24 review, we want to note just the most important things that you need to know about freedom24. There are many more fantastic things about the broker.

But here are the most important ones:

Freedom24 easy account activation and minimum deposit

With freedom24, it is easy to activate your account with an email. The initial steps are quick and easy to understand.

This makes setting up your account simple enough for any novice trader out there. You won’t need to be a rocket scientist in order to get started when you have this broker by your side.

To start trading, you don’t even have a minimum investment amount. And that’s why you can start trading with only 10$.

So if you are looking to start small, you actually can!

Freedom24 safety features

Account safety is something many traders worry about when they choose a broker online. With freedom24, you don’t need to worry so much anymore.

While other brokers may require you to verify yourself through various means such as credit cards or bank transfers, Freedom 24 offers an advanced security system that allows traders from anywhere to access their financial tools without needing any intrusive verification methods at all!

Freedom24 review – EU broker freedom24 is perfect for those who want the ease of trading from the comfort of their home.

freedom24 safety

Freedom24 review regulations

The platform you are looking for is known as freedom 24. They are owned by Freedom Holdings Corp, which has its headquarters in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

However, they do also have another set of offices which can be found under Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. When it comes to regulation, they are regulated by multiple agencies starting with CySec – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (and if that wasn’t enough they’re also regulated by BaFin (Germany) and SEC (USA)). So with all these different regulations, you should feel pretty safe trading on this site.

Freedom24 review – The key features that make them stand out from the crowd with their trading platform truly makes them essential to check out within the next few years.

Freedom24 Participate in IPOs

To participate in IPOs you need to have at least 2000$ on your trading account.

With freedom24 you can invest in the initial public offerings also called IPO of both European and American firms. For 93 days, the average return on investment was 63 percent.

You can read all about the new upcoming IPOs on the freedom24 official website in the IPO section.

You can filter between the current and outgoing IPOS that you can participate in.

And you can see what IPOs should be coming out soon. And you can submit an application to get invited to participate in the next IPO.


1,000,000 instruments to trade on

Yes, you read that right. 1 million.

You can trade:

  1. Stocks
  2. ETFS
  3. Bonds
  4. Futures
  5. And options

freedom24 finance account

All of that in one place!

Freedom 24 has the largest market with over 40,000 shares. Blue-chip stocks, new upcoming and amazing startups. All the great tech giants and more…

With freedom24 you can also trade over 1500 ETFs for diversification. There are never too many ETFs as they say.

And freedom 24 allows their users to trade more than 1,500 of them.

Freedom24 review – With this many options for stocks and other investment types you are able to find the best asset for your portfolio when trading with!

There are currently over 10,000 different types of Futures Contracts that are listed on how they move in value. You can also invest in mutual funds, corporate bonds, or even develop a hedged position using derivative tools if you wish to do so by using the Real Dealing platform. > Banks. And that is why.

In our freedom 24 review, we talked almost about everything but the amazing saving account that freedom24 offers.

D Account is how its called a: D Account.

That account gets you a 3% annual income on a daily basis. And why is it so great you might ask? A 3% per year is 180% in 20 years.

That’s basically double the money you invested by actually doing nothing, and being safe.

Why would I close my money for 20 years? You might ask…

But you don’t have to!

You can trade with freedom24, and transfer your funds instantly from your trading account into your D Account ( The savings account we were talking about earlier ).

freedom24 wow

And get those percentages while you sleep.

Freedom24 review – Wow!

As you can see, freedom 24 offers the most options when it comes to trading. With more than 1 million instruments they are able to provide you with an amazing variety of assets for your portfolio.

The dealing desk is one of the major features that make them stand out from other brokers in the market. They are regulated by various regulators ( CySEC, BaFin and SEC) making them totally transparent and safe.

Freedom24 review – Conclusion

If you’re looking for some extra income besides trading, freedom24 offers you the option of investing in IPOs. They have more than 1 million instruments to trade and more than 1500 ETFs that can diversify your portfolio.

So is freedom 24 legit?

You bet it’s!

We would love it if you could comment on this freedom24 review – Is Freedom 24 Legit article. And let us know what do you think about freedom24 broker.

Are they safe or not? Are they legitimate or a scam? You can also submit any questions on the freedom24 review page by leaving a reply below this post. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are not yet trading with them, go ahead, open your account with today, and enjoy an exclusive bonus of 30 days with no trading fees!

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