BullCFDs review – How can you rate bullcfds.com from 1 – 100

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BullCFDs review – How can you rate bullcfds.com from 1 – 100

In this BullCFDs Review, we will judge the company on a scale from 1 – 100 by the following factors:

  • How old is the Bullcfds?
  • Safety of funds.
  • Trading platform.
  • Trading tools.
  • Commissions and fees.
  • Education.
  • Trading accounts.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  • Trader reviews.
  • Customer service.

Each one of the categories will get graded from 1 to 10.

In the end, we will judge Bullcfds.com overall and give it a score from 10 – 100.

Bullcfds review: How old is the broker BullCFDs?

Let us start this Bullcfds review with the basics.

Bullcfds has been in operating since 2021.

You can view all the information on Bullcfds official website: Bullcfds.com.

The broker is considered new and is in the process of obtaining a European regulation. This process might take up to a year to complete, from what we know.

It looks like Bullcfds is going to get regulated any moment now. From what we heard from Bullcfds staff, the management is being very strict on every policy in order to get regulated quicker.

Overall the broker is new but is striving to get the best for its customers.

How old is Bullcfds.com gets a score of – 7/10

Safety of funds

Bullcfds is very transparent in their policies. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any blockades being built around any weird bonuses. 

The website is secure and protected with the latest tech to keep your funds safe.

The payment methods the Bullcfds provide are secure and encrypted.


bullcfds safety of funds

Safety of funds gets a score of – 10/10

Trading platform

Bullcfds has designed a self-made trading platform that will fit all trader needs.

You have 3 versions of the platform:

  1. Downloadable platform: This platform has everything you will need for trading. You can combine indicators to analyze the market using the latest tools, but you must download it to your PC to use it. 
  2. Trading APP: The trading app fits IOS and Android devices. You can install the app and trade on the go on your mobile phone. 
  3. Web trading terminal: The web trading terminal is an online trading platform that you can directly use from the Bullcfds.com website. Without the need to download or install anything on your device. Web trading terminal is a light version of the downloadable platform.

Bullcfds trading platforms

Trading Platform gets a score of 10/10

Trading tools

Bullcfds offers a huge choice of indicators on their trading platform that you can use.

Here is a list of some indicators that you can use:

  • Moving average (MA)
  • Exponential moving average (EMA)
  • Stochastic oscillator.
  • Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)
  • Bollinger bands.
  • Relative strength index (RSI)
  • Fibonacci retracement.
  • Ichimoku cloud.
  • And much more…

Trading Tools gets a score of – 10/10

Commissions and fees:

Bullcfds has very transparent commissions policies. The same thing goes regarding trading fees.

You can ask your broker for a list of commissions, and you can count everything yourself too.

What is even more important is that there are no hidden commissions, and you can know in advance what you are going to get charged by Bullcfds.

Also, it’s important to note that the commissions and fees you pay Bullcfds are very low compared to other brokers on the market. That means more trades more profit for you as a trader.

Commissions and fees get a score of – 10/10 

Bullcfds review: Education

Bullcfds provides private training for traders and a great number of educational materials on their website.

When you start trading with Bullcfds, you are assigned a personal account manager that will help you begin your trading career. To learn to trade, we suggest attending all the trading lessons that Bullcfds provide.

Each account type that Bullcfds provide has its own perks. For example, some accounts have a few monthly one-on-one trading sessions and personal strategy-building sessions.

Therefore before choosing an account type that fits you, you should consider Bullcfds education programs and keep in mind your goals and what you are willing and want to achieve. 

After choosing the account type and activating it, you are automatically eligible to get the broker’s training and education programs.

trading education bullcfds

Education gets a score of – 10/10

Bullcfds review: Trading accounts

Bullcfds offers fiver trading accounts to choose from Educational (with 5,000$ deposit), Bronze (with 10,000$ deposit), Silver (with 50000$ deposit), Gold (with 100,000$ deposit) and Platinum (with 250,000$ deposit). Each account offers its own perks.

An educational account provides you with access to the basic package of the educational center.

And market review and analysis once a month.

Bronze account provides you with up to 5% discount on spreads and commissions. Education center access for beginners. And market review and analysis weekly. And small portfolio account manager.

Silver account provides you with up to 10% discount on spreads and commissions. Education center access for professionals. And market review and analysis weekly. And a specialized medium portfolio account manager.

Gold account provides you with up to 15% discount on spreads and commissions—education center access for professionals and In-depth information for successful traders. And market review and analysis daily. And an expert in medium portfolio investment.

Platinum account provides you with up to 20% discount on spreads and commissions. Education center access for proffesionals and Indepth information for successful traders with access to the key tools for top traders. And market review and analysis around the clock. And an expert in big portfolio investment.

We think that overall the accounts have great perks, and the best part here is that you can get those perks starting with only 5,000$.

Trading accounts gets a score of – 10/10

Deposit and withdrawal

Bullcfds provides 3 main methods that you can use in order to make a deposit and withdraw your funds.

  1. Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Cryptocurrency transactions

Each one of those methods can be used for deposits and withdrawals as well.

That is a big advantage for new-age traders because not many brokers provide crypto deposits and withdrawals therefore, we can safely give Bullcfds the maximum score.

Deposit and withdrawal gets a score of – 10/10

Trader reviews

In order to see what the traders of Bullcfds are saying, we had to dig pretty deep. We found more than 20 different reviews regarding the broker. And there are no bad reviews, so it looks good overall.

The only thing is there are not a lot of reviews there, but it makes sense because the broker was founded in 2021.

Trader reviews get a score of – 9/10 

Customer service

Bullcfds has great customer service, and you can be sure that your questions will be answered. There are a few methods to reach customer service with Bullcfds:

  1. By phone
  2. Email
  3. Live chat on the website
  4. Personal account manager

If you are looking to contact the broker, you can also visit the BullCFDs contact page on their website.

bullcfds review why bullcfds

Customer service gets a score of – 10/10

BullCFDs Review final score: 96/100

To summarize our BullCfds review, let’s look at the results. Bullcfds scored on each of the sections:

  • How old is the FXALTA – 7
  • Safety of funds – 10
  • Trading platform – 10
  • Trading tools – 10
  • Commissions and fees – 10
  • Education – 10
  • Trading accounts – 10
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds – 10
  • Trader reviews – 9
  • Customer service – 10

Overall the broker has a score of 96, which is excellent. 

Sign up with BullCFDs, use this link: https://bullcfds.com/

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