Inceptial review – How can you rate from 1 – 100

Inceptial review

Inceptial review – How can you rate from 1 – 100


In this Inceptial Review, we will judge the company on a scale from 1 – 100 by the following factors:

  • How old is the Inceptial?
  • Safety of funds.
  • Trading platform.
  • Trading tools.
  • Commissions and fees.
  • Education.
  • Trading accounts.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  • Trader reviews.
  • Support

Each one of the categories will get graded from 1 to 10.
In the end, we will judge overall and give it a score from 10 – 100

Inceptial review – How old is

To start our Inceptial review, we should at least know how old is the company, and how long do they operate in the financial markets.

The brand  Inceptial, and their website operate since 2021. Inceptial is a Belarussian investment firm and is authorized and regulated by the National Bank of Belarus with Certificate Number 19.

The company is pretty young therefore we can’t give a high score. But they are already authorized and regulated. Therefore we can give this section a score of 7.

How old is gets a score of – 7/10

Safety of funds.

How safe is Inceptial? And can you be sure that your funds are safe with
There are 3 main reasons we consider Inceptial to be safe:

  1. SSL certificate – The SSL certificate does the following: All the information that goes through is encrypted. That means, that nobody will be able to receive, steal, use your personal data.
  2. Inceptial is regulated and authorized by the National Bank of Belarus.
  3. Inceptial partners with Finrax, which is a very trusted crypto exchange.

inceptial review safetyfunds

Safety of funds gets a score of – 10/10

Trading platform.

Inceptial provides you with their unique webtrader and MT4.

The webtrader: This is a very convenient choice if you are looking to trade immediately.

MetaTrader 4: This is great overall. And like you already know. MT4 is one of the biggest financial investments a company can make. Because the platform itself is not cheap, but it provides quality.

That means Inceptial believes quality is a very important factor for their investors to have.

MT4 in a way is a trust flag on a company. You know and feel you can trust the company when they have a licensed MetaTrader.

with incept metatrader

Trading platform gets a score of – 10/10

Trading tools.

Inceptial offers you a few trading tools that you can use:

  • Trading calculators
  • Trading charts
  • Fundamental analysis tools
  • Sophisticated SMS signals
  • The economic calendar for technical analysis
  • MT4 indicators
  • Push alerts

inceptial education
All of those will give you an edge when trading.

Trading tools gets a score of – 10/10

Commissions and fees.

When trading CFDs what matters the most for professional traders are the commissions.

Therefore we want to mention the main ones:

  • EUR/USD: Starting from 2.5 Pips up until 0.9 Pips
  • GBP/USD: Starting from 2.8 Pips up until 1.4 Pips
  • USD/JPY: Starting from 2.8 Pips up until 1.4 Pips
  • CRUDE OIL: Starting from 0.10$ up until 0.06$

The commissions depend on the type of account you are going to have, the better the account. The better the conditions.

The high-tier conditions are very low. And the low-tier commissions are pretty low too, but not the lowest on the market.

Commission and fees gets a score of – 9/10


Inceptial has a whole section regarding education on their website filled with:

  • Interactive trading courses with explanations of different trading strategies and how to use them.
  • Online trading ebooks like “high achievers trading guide”, “trading guide for all”, and more.
  • Trading video tutorials about Social trading, Metatrader tutorials, trading tools, CFDs, and stocks. education review

Education gets a score of – 10/10

Trading accounts.

Let’s start with the basics. In order to trade with Inceptial you have to deposit at least 250 USD or EUR, depending on the currency you choose.

After opening your account you may consider upgrading your account type. But that depends on a few factors that Inceptial doesn’t really reveal on their website. What we do know is the better your account type, the more perks you are getting from Inceptial.

So for you to truly get your account upgraded to another level, please consult Inceptial in order to do so.

inseptial's trading accounts

Because of those unanswered questions we give Inceptial a score of 5. Because there are account types to choose from, but how can you do that? There is no clear answer on the website.

Trading accounts gets a score of – 5/10


Deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Inceptial provides 3 different kinds of deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Bank Transfer.
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Ethereum and Tether.

*Not many competitors provide easy and fast crypto deposits and withdrawals, therefore Inceptial gets the maximum score here.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds gets a score of – 10/10

Trader reviews.

In the end, trader reviews are what matter the most. Even if the company is super advanced and has amazing features.

The most important question, in the end, is: Does the client gets what he wants?  In this case, trader reviews about Inceptial are looking good. Over 300 reviews that we found and most of them are positive.

Even the Trustpilot! The so-called “Ghosiping kingdom”. That everyone use to complain about every company of existence. Actually has a lot of good reviews about Inceptial. They even have a score of 4.3! Which is amazing for anyone to have, but what’s more amazing is to have such a high score for a financial company.

Trader reviews section gets a score of – 10/10


Support is a huge factor when choosing a broker, and we want to break it into a few smaller points.

  • Chat support: Inceptial provides chat support on their website that actually operates very fast. So you will get assisted very quickly.
  • Email support: Email answer time with Inceptial is usually under 25 minutes. ([email protected])
  • Phone support: You can contact Inceptial by phone number at any given time. (+375 445887062)
  • Personal assistance: You get assigned a personal account manager that will answer your questions personally.

The support section gets a score of – 10/10

Inceptial Review final score: 90/100

To sum up, our review lets take a look at all of the results Inceptial scored on each of the sections:

How old is the Inceptial – 7
Safety of funds – 10
Trading platform – 10
Trading tools – 10
Commissions and fees – 9
Education – 10
Trading accounts – 5
Deposit and withdrawal of funds – 10
Trader reviews – 10
Extras and bonuses – 9

Overall the brand has a score of 90 which is pretty good. And to be honest, just by adding some more information regarding their trading accounts they could get another 5 points. Work for a bit longer, and here we are on a 98 score.

But even without those, the broker scored a high grade and we recommend you try Inceptial out. This is definitely a company you can trust.

To sign up with Inceptial, use this link:

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2 thoughts on “Inceptial review – How can you rate from 1 – 100”

  1. I have been trading for 2.5 months. Came to according to the reviews of friends. incaptial is a good safe company in which you can make great money.

  2. For me, Incaptial is an ideal company. She has a good service, a convenient platform and has never had any problems with withdrawing funds, this is the most important thing. I started with an average account “ Silver”, the best option for novice traders. I recommend it.

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