Buying cryptocurrency banks in 2018

Покупка криптовалюты

Buying cryptocurrency banks in 2018

The world banks of developed countries have long peered at e-currency and the purchase of cryptocurrency is the number one task. And this is true, the growth of Bitcoin has only one-way growth, the emergence of another e-currency, also contributes to success. We are moving to a new payment system, and there is no point in denying this. This decision came to the central banks of the G-7 countries. The moment of buying Bitcoin will occur when its price reaches the value of all SDRs in circulation (approximately $ 291 billion). For this, Bitcoin must be fixed at a mark above $ 17,600.

Cryptocurrency purchase: the main reasons. Buying cryptocurrency

So, one of the reasons for buying e-currency is that the currencies of countries of world powers are depreciating in relation to Buying cryptocurrency, and it is no longer necessary to turn a blind eye to this. People have ceased to invest in the usual “everyday” currency, exchange companies, having taken this into service, provide traders with forex trading platforms, where they can trade to bitcoins and other electronic money. There are separate companies that provide their services of trade and purchases of cryptocurrency exclusively. We remind you that today there are more than 800 types of cryptocurrency, according to unofficial data, there are more than a thousand.

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Forecast for 2018.

As a result, buying up e-currency may affect the bank reserves of countries. With such an event, it is necessary to revise all the reserves of banks and redistribute them, with the least losses for the bank. By the way, in 2018, the central banks of the leading countries will be able to fully capitalize on cryptocurrency. And they can trade all the citizens of the world. The introduction to the turnover will be gradual, but persistent. We cannot exclude a crisis situation to which these events may lead. All foreign reserves support international trade, storage of reserves in the currency of the partner country. This, of course, simplifies trading.

findings. Buying cryptocurrency

From the above, it can be concluded that when using e-currencies. Transfers, as well as transactions between the countries of the world, will be significantly simplified. Foreign reserves having a “safety cushion” in the form of reserves. Want most will soften this economic event for citizens of countries. As a result, after the full capitalization of e-currency, there will be a noticeable “crisis”. No matter how hard all countries of the world try, this cannot be avoided. Bitcoin is smoothly coming to an end, and what its end will lead to depends on the decision of the central banks.

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