What is Ethereum? And how to use it?

What is Ethereum

What is Ethereum? And how to use it?

While everyone is looking for ways to make money on Bitkin, others have long invested in the equally profitable Ethereum cryosphere. In 2015, on July 30, Ethereum officially launched. It is a platform through which a decentralized online server based on the blockchain is created. This unit is implemented as the only “virtual machine”. Simply put, Ethereum is an electronic currency that is rapidly gaining momentum in forex trading. Although it was recently announced, in relation to other cryptocurrencies, it is already more successful than any other projects. The broadcast was created with the guidance of companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and JPMorgan.

Interesting fact about Ethereum

What is Ethereum

Experts have found that search interest has a huge impact on the price of cryptocurrency. Many investors are first looking for a price on it, and then investing. According to Google Trends, interest in the Ether has grown several dozen times over two years. When asked for a “review of investments in cryptocurrency” Ethereum ranks second after Bitcoin. At the moment, the price of Ether is $ 1 210, 000. The price change per day occurs on average up to 3-4%. This allows you to earn today on it, as well as on Bitcoin. What is Ethereum?

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Differences Bitcoin from Ethereum

Bitcoin is the same cryptocurrency as Ethereum, which is distributed over an open network based on the blockchain. But the main differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum is their technical component. Bitcoin offers only one application (electronic money turnover, between individuals), and at the same time, it tracks the owners of ownership of electronic currency (bitcoins). And Ethereum, in turn, is not only a cryptocurrency but also allows transactions. These transactions are used by application developers to pay for services and transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

Where to invest your money? What is Ethereum

Ethereum currently has a very great prospect, since the average is constantly growing. However, the economic forecast of investing Bitcoin, tells us about raising the price of Bitcoin to $ 16,000. These are two equal and profitable projects, everyone chooses from his own funds. Financial stock market analysts claim that you will not lose your money in a different way. To find the best investment for yourself, our analysts are ready to help you with this.

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