Bulls400 review. How great is this broker on a scale of 1 – 100?


Bulls400 review. How great is this broker on a scale of 1 – 100?

In this Bulls400 review, we will judge the broker on a scale from 1 – to 100 by the following factors: 

  • How old is Bulls400?
  • Regulations and Safety of funds
  • Bulls400 trading platforms 
  • Trading tools 
  • Commissions and fees
  • Education 
  • Trading accounts Bulls400 offers
  • Funding and withdrawal 
  • The Bulls400 support team
  • What Bulls400 clients say about the broker

Each one of the categories will get graded from 1 to 10. 

In the end, we will make a conclusion, giving it a score of 10 – 100. 

We’ll see the Bulls400 score and find out if any fraud or scam is involved. We want to help you decide whether Bulls400 is a reliable broker or a scam. 

Bulls400 review. How old is the broker? 

Let’s start our Bulls400 review with general information about the broker. 

Bulls400 is a global broker providing cryptocurrency trading solutions for all levels of traders. The broker is based in Australia and has been around since 2015. Bulls400 earned a reputation as a reliable broker. Traders from many countries trust Bulls400. 

How old is Bulls400 gets a score of – 9/10.

Bulls400. Regulations and Safety of funds


The company is regulated. You can find this information on the Australian Securities & Investments Commission website. 

Bulls400 follows strict KYC rules. Also, the broker offers its clients to fund their trading accounts and make withdrawals with cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and credit/debit card payments.   

The Bulls400 website has an SSL certificate that gives its users end-to-end encryption. Therefore you can be sure that no one will steal your password or personal information. 

Safety of funds gets a score of – 10/10. 

Trading platforms 

Bulls400 provides its traders with two excellent trading platforms:  

  • Web Trader 
  • Mobile Trader 

Let’s say a few words about each of them.  

Web Trader 

This web platform works with any browser and operating system with no additional software. It has all the advantages the top desktop platforms have nowadays. Also, you can use this web platform on your smartphone.  

Mobile Trader


There are times when you are far from your computer. Then the mobile trading platform is an excellent choice. With access to mobile trading, you are never far from the market. 

You can install the mobile platform on your smartphone. It works with both Android and Apple devices.  

The trading platforms get a score of – 9/10. 

Bulls400 review. Trading tools 

Bulls400 has created a set of trading tools that will allow you to maximize your profit. The platform provides you with a wide selection of tools.  

Bulls400 offers Autotrading and Copy trading.

Bulls400. Autotrading and Copy trading

With Autotrading, everything goes automatically. There is no need to worry about anything. It works even if you are not online. Once programmed, it continuously monitors market movements without requiring any from your side. 

Just choose an asset you wish to trade, and enter the amount of that cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell. 

With Copy trading, you just use other people’s experience and copy what they do. Many love Copy trading because they get the same results as those who initialized the trades but without wasting time on watching the market and making decisions.

Bulls400 has great professional trading tools. Therefore, it gets 9 points. 

Trading tools get a score of – 9/10.

Bulls400. Commissions and fees

If you choose a broker with high commissions and fees, it will be hard to make money. The Bulls400 fees and commissions are relatively low compared with other brokers. 

Commissions and fees get a score of – 10/10.

Bulls400. Education


Bulls400 offers its traders: 

  • Interactive trading courses with explanations of different trading strategies and how to use them. 
  • Online trading e-books. 
  • Trading video tutorials about social trading, cryptocurrency, trading tools, etc. 

Education gets a score of – 10/10.

Trading accounts 

Bulls400 offers five trading accounts to choose from:  

  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Corporate

Visit the account types area for further information if you are interested in details.

Trading accounts get a score of – 9/10. 

Funding and Withdrawals 

These are ways to fund Bulls400 trading accounts and withdraw funds: 

  • Bank transfer. 
  • Cryptocurrency  

Not all brokers provide a cryptocurrency method. Therefore, Bulls400 gets the maximum score here. 

Deposit and withdrawal of funds get a score of – 10/10.  

Bulls400 review. Support


Support is a huge factor when you choose a broker. Every broker provides a different level of support. Let’s see what Bulls400 offers to its traders.  

First of all, you can reach out to Bulls400 using their contact us page.  

You can also email them to [email protected].  

The broker offers an analyst educational program to help traders grow their trading skills. It often turns out to be very helpful and gives traders much more opportunities to profit. 

The support team is highly professional. Bulls400 never leaves its clients without support. It means traders can get help anytime they need it.

The support section gets a score of – 10/10.

Traders about Bulls400

We have found many Bulls400 reviews on social media and here are just a few of them: 

Greg T: “Bulls400 is an excellent broker! I would lose my money already if it wasn’t. But I increased my deposit instead.”

Kelly H: “Guys! With Bulls400, you can use Copy trading and Autotrading. I don’t even need to think about what to buy and when. That is what I call a great service!” 

Herbert J: “I thought all brokers were scammers till I met my new neighbor. He showed me his Bulls400 trading account. He made more money a few months than he did at his work!”

Trader reviews get a score of – 10/10.

Bulls400 review final score: 96/100 


Let us look at the scores of our sections: 

  • How old is Bulls400 – 9
  • Safety of funds – 10
  • Trading platform – 9
  • Trading tools – 9
  • Commissions and fees – 10
  • Education – 10
  • Trading accounts – 9
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds – 10
  • Support – 10
  • Trader reviews – 10

We found nothing to suggest a scam or any other form of fraud. Overall, Bulls400 seems to be a great broker, and we can recommend it.

Visit the Bulls400 site to create a trading account: http://www.bulls400.com/.  

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